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Are you a VJ, media producer or video hobbyist? We provide you with the right videos so that you can focus on your performance, products and art. We give away 10 free video loops every day and offer over 400 video loops if you upgrade your account.

You can use our loops commercially and personally in your:

  • Live performances (for example a VJ show, band performance, worship service)
  • Music videos and other types of film or movies
  • Television shows
  • Video background for websites
  • Video blogs
  • Apps
  • Recorded performances (for example Club Visuals DVDs for night clubs)

We currently offer 459 video loops to our 50156 members.

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Sunflowers Downhill Sunflowers Downhill
Black and White Shapes 6 Black and White Shapes 6
Amsterdam Time-Lapse 2 Amsterdam Time-Lapse 2
Fluorescent lamps 2 Fluorescent lamps 2
Clouds Time-Lapse 2 Clouds Time-Lapse 2
Airplane-Landing Airplane-Landing
Exploded Platonic Exploded Platonic
Clock Countdown Loop 1 Clock Countdown Loop 1
Brushes 1 Brushes 1
Iguazu Slow Motion 3 Iguazu Slow Motion 3

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Video packs

Every loop we make is part of a bigger whole. That way, if you like a loop, you'll be sure there are more loops like it.
This helps you create a nice collection of useful loops. We call these collections packs.

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