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Every loop we make is part of a bigger whole. That way, if you like a loop, you'll be sure there are more loops like it. This helps you create a nice collection of useful loops. We call these collections video packs.
Pro members, you can download all 299 video packs on the website. Have a look at the trending and most popular downloads.


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Rainbow Pack 1

See rainbows in shapes you've never seen before, including a rainbow puking robot and trippy kaleidoscopic rainbow fishes!

Real Fireworks Pack 1

Amazing fireworks videoloops with multi colored explosions in the dark night sky.

Real Lights Pack 1

Real footage of lights switching on and off and shining on bushes and trees.

Retro Neon Mini Pack 1

Instantly time travel with these neon lights inspired abstract VJ loops!

Retro Primitives Pack 1

Travel back in time with these Retro Primitives video loops! Enjoy these 7 video loops with a nostalgic retro arcade feel.

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