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1. What is

A: We are a video content provider for visual artists and video creatives around the world.

2. Is your content free?

A: We offer both free and professional videos.

3. Is for me?

A: If you are a video artist, VJ, media producer or video hobbyist you will find our site a valuable resource for your products and art.

4. Can I freely use the videos however I want?

A: You are free to use the content however you want as long as you don't break our terms of use and the Limited License terms.

5. I need a specific type of license with your videos, what do I do?

A: Contact us for a custom licensing option and we will do our best to help you out.

6. Which video software is compatible with your videos?

A: We deliver in MP4 video format encoded with H264 so you can use our videos with virtually any video editing and format supported software. If your software requires the videos in a different format or encoding, you can use the free program MPEG Streamclip: video converter for Mac & Windows to convert the loops. For Pro Plus and Pro Gold members we also offer the videos in DXV, Photo JPEG and PNG Alpha encoding where available.

7. How can I use the video loops in Powerpoint?

A: Add a new PowerPoint slide, click Insert tab then click Video from file, browse to your downloaded video. Resize the video as needed. Make sure you click it and in Video tab choose loop forever. If you want to set it as background, select the video again, click the Video Tools tab and under Format tab click Send to Back.

8. How to use the video loops in iMovie?

A: From the File menu select New Project and write a name for your project. Select Widescreen or Standard. Then click File → Import → Movies and choose your video loop. Now you're ready to use it however you want.

9. How to use the video loops in Resolume/Avenue/Arena?

A: The best way is to upgrade to our Pro Plus account so you can download the videoloops in the DXV format specifically designed for use in Resolume/Avenue/Arena. Alternatively, you can try using MPEG Streamclip: video converter for Mac & Windows to convert the loops to your format of choice. Open the files tab in the interface and browse for your converted file. Drag the file to one of the channels in the middle. If you drag more files each one will be inserted in a new channel. Activating the channel will play the inserted file(s) as an animation. From here you can go ahead and mix it, scratch it, layer it, add effects to it and so on. For clips with transparency, set Clip's properties → Alpha Type → Straight as your setting.

10. The videos appear jerky / the playback is interrupted.

A: We deliver in MP4 video format encoded with H264 and 35 mbps bitrate. If your video player has trouble with this format, you can use the free program MPEG Streamclip: video converter for Mac & Windows to convert the loops to a supported format.

11. What are your fees?

A: For pro video loops we have the following membership plans: click here.

12. The download button is not working / cannot download loops

A: Please send us an e-mail using the form on the Contact page.

13. Why doesn't my download manager work?

A: Free Loops doesn't recommend the use of download managers when downloading loops from our site. We recommend use of your browser's built-in download system. If you do use a download manager, you risk locking access to the loops as our servers may record an abnormally large amount of requests to access and download the file (these programs usually create multiple connections to our server, each connection counting as a download). If you have used a download manager and access to the loops has been restricted, please get in touch with us.

14. I downloaded a full pack, but I cannot extract the archive.

A: If you are on a Mac, please either try a different program than the default "Archive Utility" app to extract the archives or try extracting the pack on a PC instead. If the problem persists, please get in touch with us.

15. Your alpha clips seem to have a weird glow and/or banding around them.

A: Make sure to select "Straight" (Unmatted) when using alpha clips. In Resolume, you can find this under the Clip's properties  Alpha Type  Straight. In Premiere, you need to uncheck "Composite in Linear Color" in Sequence Settings. In After Effects, you need to right click your imported footage Interpret Footage Select "Straight - Unmatted" under Alpha.

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