198 Video packs

Every loop we make is part of a bigger whole. That way, if you like a loop, you'll be sure there are more loops like it. This helps you create a nice collection of useful loops. We call these collections video packs.
Pro members, you can download all 198 video packs on the website. Have a look at the trending and most popular downloads.

VJ Loops Pack Supernova 1
Christmas Pack 3
Graphix Christmas Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Abstract Art Deco 1
Energy Waves Pack 2
Mandalas Pack 1
Neon Jungle Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Psy Voyage
Flowing 3D Landscapes Pack 1
Psy Lines Pack 1
Geometric Patterns Pack 1
Fluorescent Lights Pack 1
Dark VJ Loops Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Colorful Lines 1
Slow Colorful Backgrounds Pack 1
Information Fields Pack 1
Halloween Pack 5
Halloween Pack 4
Flower Kaleida Pack 1
Halloween Pack 3
Bokeh Backgrounds Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack ShineTri 2
VJ Loops Pack Abstract Space 1
Black Light Lines Pack 1
Trippy Jungle Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Blocknado
Club Lights Pack 1
Beach Party Pack 1
Graphix Pack 3
Tropical Island Pack 2
Tropical Island Pack 1
Curtains Pack 1
Color Patterns Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Color Exploder
VJ Loops Pack Minimal Lines
Winter Sports Pack 1
Graphix Pack 2
Flowers Pack 1
Retro Primitives Pack 1
Spirit Animals Pack 1
Geometric Shapes Pack 1
New Year's Eve Pack 5
Christmas Pack 2
Graphix Pack 1
Human Body Pack 1
Fractals Pack Block
Fractals Pack Arch
Fractals Pack Octo
Cardboard Characters Pack 1
Nature Pack 1
Fall Forest Pack 1
Fall Leaves Pack 1
Hallways Pack 1
HUD Elements Pack 2
Sci Fi Classics Pack 1
Vortex Loops Psy
Vortex Loops Gold
Vortex Loops Lines
VJ Loops Pack Swirls
Happy Birthday Pack 1
Modular Cubes Pack 1
Iceland Pack 1
Paper Patterns Pack 1
Magic Lights Pack
Flags of Europe Pack 5
Flags of Europe Pack 4
Flags of Europe Pack 3
Flags of Europe Pack 2
Flags of Europe Pack 1
Disco Led Lights
Disco Ball Pack 2
Disco Ball Pack 1
Switzerland Pack 1
Motion Plant Pack 1
Snowflakes Pack 1
Multi Hands Pack
VJ Loops Pack Squared
Particle Backgrounds Pack 1 Turquoise
Particle Backgrounds Pack 1 Red
Particle Backgrounds Pack 1 Purple
Particle Backgrounds Pack 1 Dark Purple
Particle Backgrounds Pack 1 Blue
Color Heart Pack
New Year's Eve Pack 4
Knitted Christmas
Equalizer Pack 1
Geometrix Pack
Halloween Pack 2
Halloween Pack 1
Alimation Pack
Spring Garden
Gloving Pack
Stars Helix Pack
Fischinger Pack
Rainbow Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Bluest Light
Russia Pack 1
Fire Videos Pack 2
Painted Landscapes Pack 1
London By Night Pack
Drum And Bass Genres
London Pack
Retro Videoloops Pack
Valentine's Day Visuals
VJ Loops Pack Analogue Abstract
Amsterdam By Night Pack 1
Grunge Eyes Pack 1
Diamonds Pack
New Year's Eve Pack 3
VJ Loops Pack ShineTri
VJ Loops Pack Tunnels
Smoke Slow Motion
Dr Dots Pack
Amsterdam Pack
VJ Loops Pack BPM Triangles
VJ Loops Pack Awesome Lines
VJ Loops Pack Geometric Disorder
VJ Loops Pack EDM Triangles
Jordan Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack BPM Cubes
VJ Loops Pack Blinder Lights
VJ Loops Pack Robot Arm
VJ Loops Pack LED Lights
User Suggestions
VJ Loops Essentials 2
Text Animations Pack 1
Spring Pack 1
Happy Fruits Pack 1
Tear Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Triangles
Winter Videos Pack 3
The Bird Pack 1
Digital Hardware Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Codex
Money Pack 1
New Year's Eve Pack 2
VJ Loops Pack Sjush
VJ Loops Pack Christmas
Pipes Pack
HUD Elements Pack
Flowing Polygons Pack
Real Fireworks Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Speakers
Mexico Pack 1
VJ Loops Essentials
Summer Pack 1
Spiritual Backgrounds
Symbolic Spiritual Animations
Spiritual Text Animations
Sea Pack 1
Soccer Pack 1
Energy Waves Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack HUD
Easter Videos Pack 2
South America Pack 1
Venice Pack 1
Candles Pack 2
Winter Videos Pack 2
Christmas Pack 1
Shiny Elements Pack 1
Magic Retro Shapes Pack 1
GET 'M Pack 2
Epic Triangles Pack
International Flags Pack
Sunflowers Pack 1
VJ Loops Pack Line World
GET 'M Pack 1
Performers Pack 1
Black and White Shapes
Cities of the World
VJ Loops Pack El Rayo
Real Lights Pack 1
Abstract Lights Pack 1
Time Lapse Videos 1
Aerial Videos 1
Easter Videos Pack 1
Music Notes Pack 1
Hand Drawn Animations 1
Musical Instruments Pack 2
Fire Videos Pack 1
Travel Pack 1
Motion Backgrounds Pack 2
Color Shapes Pack 1
Winter Videos Pack 1
New Year's Eve Pack 1
Motion Backgrounds Pack 1
3D Triangles Pack 1
Forest Loops Pack 1
St Patricks Day Pack 1
Fireworks Pack 1
Bokeh Lights Pack 1
Diagonal Bars Pack 1
Moving Blocks Pack 1
Abstract Visuals Pack 2
Musical Instruments Pack 1
Abstract Visuals Pack 1
Lightrays Pack 1