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Every loop we make is part of a bigger whole. That way, if you like a loop, you'll be sure there are more loops like it. This helps you create a nice collection of useful loops. We call these collections video packs.
Pro members, you can download all 299 video packs on the website. Have a look at the trending and most popular downloads.


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Ethereal Energy Streaks Mini Pack 1

Enjoy these extra long abstract video backgrounds, representing ethereal energy streaks!

Gradients Pack 1

From subtle gradient backgrounds to all out psychedelic eye candy, use and combine these gradient visuals to your liking!

Fairy Lights Pack 1

Enjoy these beautiful fairy lights video loops. Combine them to create magical backdrops!

Neon Hearts Mini Pack 1

Express your burning love with these neon style hearts video loops!

Techno Patterns Pack 2

This second Techno Patterns pack gives you 12 video loops that you can use to make endless variations! You can combine them and give them colors to create unique compositions. Mix them with our Techno Patterns Pack 1 for extra options!

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