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Every loop we make is part of a bigger whole. That way, if you like a loop, you'll be sure there are more loops like it. This helps you create a nice collection of useful loops. We call these collections video packs.
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Glowing Bars Pack 2

Create a visual spectacle with these glowing orange and blue light bars forming complex structures!

Glowing Bars Pack 1

Enjoy these smooth video loops of blue and orange glowing bars in different patterns!

VJ Loops Pack Moving Wall 1

With subtle movements, these walls built of primitive shapes come to life. Perfect backgrounds for your big stages or projection mappings!

VJ Loops Pack Abstract Line Play 3

Enjoy these six video loops of abstract line based shapes that are flying towards you forever!

Hypno Worm Revisited

Hypno Worm is back and ready to rock the big screens! Use with caution, you don't want to hypnotise your audience too much.

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